March 16, 2020

(Čeština) Hotel uzavřen

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December 28, 2019

(Čeština) Sněhové podmínky

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December 15, 2019

(Čeština) Úprava běžeckých stop

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Do you feel you are running out of energy? Do you feel more and more tired? Is your body getting frail and is your soul fading? Do you wish to spend a wellness stay or an active vacation? One has to know how to relax to resist the current tiring way of life. Why not use the wellness center? Let us tempt you by our massages, Finnish, steam and infrared saunas, jacuzzi or whirpool bath. Whatever the weather, you can spend your holiday in the breathtaking landscape of the Jeseníky Mountains filled with sports and our wellness services.

The wellness center reception desk is there to refresh you with snacks after you have enjoyed yourself in the wellness center. We can also recommend you visit our café.

Wellness center provides these services:


The sports center with modern equipment and the options for bodybuilding of all bodyparts for the top athletes as well as for leisure sportsmen. The equipment: bodybuilding equipment and machines, indoor bicycle, exercise bike, stepper, jogging machine etc.

Finnish, steam and infrared saunas

Sauna relieves the body, soul and nervous tension, and brings mental and physical relaxation and contributes to gathering new powers. Sauna brings the body and soul into harmony. It helps to strengthen the blood circulation, your heart and revives and revitalizes the skin.


The massage in the whirlpool bath is created by mixing of hot water and air bubbles in special jet nozzles. This refreshing stream of water relieves the body and induces it into releasing pain killing substances, sc. endorphins. By immersing your body into the hot massaging water, your temperature will rise. The blood vessels will expand and your breathing will deepen with the increasing volume of the life-giving oxygen. The water buoyancy reduces your body weight by 90% and thus relieves the strain of your muscles and joints. The indisputable advantage is placing of the jet nozzles performing underwater pressure masasage, whirlpool spinal, neck, joint and feet massage. The stress is reduced immediately, both physical and mental.

Solarium bed

Powerful turbo horizontal solarium bed, protective goggles and tanning lotions. Solarium bed

has a positive effect on health as it supports the production of vitamin D necessary for production of calcium in the human body. Sun-bathing in solarium beds has numerous positive impacts. Besides golden brown sun-tan, vitamin D is produced on the basis of the UV-beams, calcium is produced and formation of acne is reduced. Sun-tanning gives the skin fresh sensation and improves the general health condition.


Hydromassage system works well in regeneration of physical powers after sport performance, physical work and also in rehabilitation after injuries or rheumatic troubles. Muscle parts, tendons, joints are massaged, muscles and tissues are perfused.

The water streams pressure stimulates also many reflex points of the feet and hand palms. The system provides a contact massage by the stream of water and air which mix inside the jet nozzle body before it enters into the bathtub. The intensity of the massage and the amount of the air intake are regulated by the air regulators.


During massage, the blood vessels expand and the blood circulation becomes better perfused which can be perceived as a pleasant warmth feeling. The massage has also a rather positiv impact on the endings of nerves and as a result of these impulses, the harmful substances are released into the bloodstream and washed out of the body organs. Massages may be considered a supplementary treatment eg. as a treatment of aching back or as a technique of relaxation. Regular massage leads to maintaining of physical and mental vigour.

Dear guests, if you have an interest in massage, please check at the reception that will be our lady masseuse at the hotel.Thank you for your understanding and look forward to your visit.

Oxygen therapy

Oxygen therapy is a regenerative oxygen procedure during which concentrated oxygen is being inhaled through a mask and/or a nasal cannula for 30-60 minutes .

When oxygen therapy helps? in heart diseases – in headaches, eating disorders, increased fatigue, sleeping disorders – in mental problems and states of depression – in problems connected to menopause – when you smoke – when you perform demanding occupation straining the brain activity – in regeneration after workout or any other physically demanding activity – prevents from the migraine and stress – the therapy advantageously influences our body in high blood pressure, diabetes, in venous ulcers, in heart arrhythmia, after suffered heart attack and other illnesses – strengthens the body after surgeries and is suitable as a part of postoperative care.

And what if we are healthy? – increases physical performance in sports – reduces negative impact of ecological conditions – improves body energetic state – enhances the immune system – mobilizes the reserves in physical as well as mental performance – oxygen therapy stalls the aging process manifestations including reduced sexual performance.