March 16, 2020

(Čeština) Hotel uzavřen

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December 28, 2019

(Čeština) Sněhové podmínky

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December 15, 2019

(Čeština) Úprava běžeckých stop

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Price list


  • Entrance every full hour. Any change is possible upon agreement.
  • Reserve the wellness services 2 hours in advance.
  • Dear guests, if you have an interest in massage, please check at the reception that will be our lady masseuse at the hotel.Thank you for your understanding and look forward to your visit.
  • Spa therapy services can be booked in advance via email:


Price per person

Sauna (Finnish, steam, infrared) 120 CZK/60 min 70 CZK/30 min
Whirlpool 100 CZK/30 min 60 CZK/15 min
Solarium bed                  10 CZK/1 min
Hydromassage bath 160 CZK/30 min 80 CZK/15 min
Sauna + Whirlpool 200 CZK/60 min 120 CZK/30 min
Kneipp bath 120 CZK/20 min 60 CZK/10 min
Oxygen therapy  80 CZK/15 min  160 CZK/30 min
Wellness center rental 3000 CZK/120 min 1500 CZK/60 min


Neck massage

120 CZK/20 min

Back massage

160 CZK/30 min

Back and Leg massage

320 CZK/45 min

Back and arm massage

320 CZK/45 min

Leg massage

200 CZK/30 min

Neck and back massage

280 CZK/45 min

Full body massage

480 CZK/60 min

Relaxing massage

300 CZK/45 min

Aromatherapeutic back and neck massage with essential oils

450 CZK/45min

Honey massage (one application of honey)

180 CZK/20 min

Lava stone massage

350 CZK/30 min

650 CZK/60 min


Entrance fee

50 CZK/60 min

30 CZK/30 min

Children under 3 years of age free of charge.

The prices are given in CZK including VAT.