March 16, 2020

(Čeština) Hotel uzavřen

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December 28, 2019

(Čeština) Sněhové podmínky

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December 15, 2019

(Čeština) Úprava běžeckých stop

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The hotel history

Praděd area has been attracting tourists and tourism pioneers for many years which is enhanced by its near availability from Karlova Studánka – the mountain spa. Before the tourists, the mountains were lived by others who were interested and tempted by the local colour – shepherds and cattle herdsmen. The first attempts to utilize the land and fields for livestock grazing date back to the first half of the 19th century. Swiss Johann Aegerter, the first tenant of the nearby Swiss hikers` chalet (called “Švýcárna“), or shepherd Karl Grohal who approximately at the same time started using the old shepherd`s cottage (called “Ovčárna“). During several decades the mountain livestock herdsmenship vanished from the area (the old Ovčárna disappeared) and in the 80s of the past century the two cottages became facilities serving to increasing numbers of mountain visitors. The attempts of the pastoralists to settle here, however, occur even now. The Pastoral Society from Velké Losiny had new “Švýcarna“ built in 1887 in the place of later Kurzovní chalet which was soon destroyed. In 1921 in the same place German Praděd pasture group started building stables for seasonal cattle grazing. This was a ground-floor building of the size of 40 x 10 m built from loosely laid stones without any mortar.

In 1952-1955, one of the objects was rebuilt and turned into a new skiing resort, sc. Kurzovní chalet. With the time, the chalet was modernized and expanded into a hotel – the tourist base of class “A“ with 86 beds in six-bed rooms with the IIIrd price group lodging. Even though Kurzovní chalet was overshadowed by such cottages and chalets as Barborka, “Švýcárna“ or “Ovčárna“, it became a favorite tourist destination.

With the increasing number of tourists, which corresponded to construction of the new asphalt road leading to the top of Praděd and to more demanding hygiene requirements, the capacity of the chalet got exhausted. The decision to build up a new modern mountain hotel was made – a hotel with higher bed capacity and the complete hinterland complying to the demands of tourists and skiers of the new generation. The old Kurzovní chalet was therefore turned down in 1980. For the Jeseníky Mountains, the 1980s were time of building and constructing of new giant hotels replacing the original objects (besides the Kurzovní chalet, also a hotel in Červenohorské sedlo and at “Ovčárna“), and of vast reconstructions of the existing buildings and facilities (Červenohorské sedlo and “Švýcárna“), and of constructions of brand new facilities (Červenohorské sedlo and Ramzová). At the same time, new ski slopes with ski tows and ski lifts were built (Ramzová – Šerák).

Present times

In 2006, the hotel underwent a partial reconstruction and now offers 142 beds and 6 extra beds in three room classes – Comfort class (Internet access, minibar, shower, WC, TV with satellite reception); Standard class (shower, WC, TV with satellite reception); Tourist class (sink with hot and cold water supply, shared shower and WC in the corridor). The hotel offers from double rooms to rooms for five and from double-bed suites to four-bed suites in the Standard class; from Comfort class single rooms to rooms for five, and suites in the newly reconstructed part; double to triple rooms in the Tourist class.

The hotel has a restaurant with capacity of 130 seats, equipped children’s playground and a café with 25 seats.

In the near proximity of the hotel, Velký Václavák ski tow is located with the capacity of 650 skiers an hour. Another ski tow is located 800 m away from the hotel in the Ovčárna grounds – a long slope classified as “A“ on the hillside of the Petrovy kameny (Peter`s Stones). A little farther from the hotel, Malý Václavák children`s ski tow is located as well as another “C“ ski tow.

In the winter, there are downhill and cross-country trails operated. The beginning of the cross-country skiing trail (complying even with the demanding conditions of the FIS – International Ski Federation) is right next to the hotel. The main cross-country skiing trail in Ovčárna – Praděd – Švýcárna – Červenohorské sedlo is machine-maintained.

For the visitors the following places are readily accessible: the nearby Praděd mountain on the top of which a huge watch and TV tower is situated, as well as the Petrovy kameny (Peter`s Stones) which are shrouded in numerous superstitions and stories on witch gatherings leading to the grievously well-known witch processes in the Jeseník region (the only ones in the Czech lands).

Horse riding, the visit of the pumped storage hydro plant in Dlouhé Stráně, or treatments in Karlova Studánka spa can all be arranged for in the vicinity of the hotel.