March 16, 2020

(Čeština) Hotel uzavřen

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December 28, 2019

(Čeština) Sněhové podmínky

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December 15, 2019

(Čeština) Úprava běžeckých stop

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Sports and leisure

The hotel offers a vast scale of possibilities and opportunities to fill up your leisure time and time for sports in the summer as well as in the winter.

There are skiing facilities of different difficulties built on the slopes of Praděd and above Ovčárna. The hotel surroundings is convenient for cross country skiing – in the near proximity of the hotel, a cross country skiing facility is located which is suitable for  demanding athletes (the 8-kilometer track at a high altitude) as well as for general tourists.

It has already become an unwritten tradition that thanks to the very good skiing conditions and extremely well-managed cooperation with the organizing team, we annually participate in organizing the cross country races held by the Czech Ski Association. These are not only cross country races but also the Czech Youth Cup in Cross Country skiing.



In the summer season, there are lots of tourist trails leading over the ridges of the Jeseník Mountains and for lovers of cycling there are cycling routes in the top part and or in the nearby foothills.

For your leisure time convenience, you will find the hotel wellness center, outdoor multifunctional playground with artificial grass surface (football, tennis, volleyball, badminton…), a gym for group or individual exercising in the summer and winter season, for aerobics, and relaxation. The gym is equipped with tabletennis for which you can borrow the rackets and balls.

You can also make use of billiard, karambol pool, table games which are ready for your disposal at the reception desk. You can play games, sit and chat or watch TV in the club, game and social rooms. The guests can have a game of cards or chess as there are card and chess tables available for this purpose.  

The hotel also operates sports equipment rental where you can rent cross country, snowboarding, sleigh and bobsleigh equipment as well as mountain bikes.

The location of the hotel also offers other sporting activities in its surroundings. For example, Karlova Studánka spa, horse riding in Světlá Hora or in Malá Morávka, moss ponds of Rejvíz, and many other well-prepared and maintained tourist and cycling routes.