March 16, 2020

(Čeština) Hotel uzavřen

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December 28, 2019

(Čeština) Sněhové podmínky

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December 15, 2019

(Čeština) Úprava běžeckých stop

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1. General provisions

1.1. General business provisions contained in this agreement apply to all cases included in the general terms and conditions. Changes may be done only in written form upon an agreement of both contracting parties.

The contracting parties are WACHAL MORAVIA s.r.o., Kozomínská 646/6, 184 00, Prague 8 – Dolní Chabry, registered at the Municipal court in Prague in Section C, Insert 119591, identification number of the organization 60747099, tax identification number of the organization CZ60747099, MAILING ADDRESS: Rejhotice 149E, 788 11 Loučná nad Desnou as Kurzovní Hotel operator (the Provider), and the user of services provided by the Provider (the Client).

1.3.      Services provided by the Provider are recreational stays (hotel-type accommodation) and related services provided by the Provider. The exact specifications of a stay are included in the confirmation of your stay by the Provider, which the client receives after the booking confirmation. The subject of the contract is to ensure the stay and client services within the agreed range.

1.4.      The hotel is an accommodation facility where a client is accommodated upon the order of a concluded contract. The contract is concluded upon the confirmation of accommodation booking and upon the advance payment. By consuming the services the Client agrees with the full Terms and Conditions (T&Cs), if the Client does not agree with some part of the T&Cs, he or she is not legitimate to consume the service. The Provider reserves the rights to make changes in the T&Cs. Any changes will be published at least 15 calendar days in advance.

1.5.      The Client may not use a false name while consuming the services. A client consuming services on behalf of the third person is fully responsible for the correctness of details submitted.

2. Time limitation

The contractual relationship between the Provider and the Client is established by confirming the duly completed accommodation application form in the case of a natural person (for minor children the application form is signed by their legal guardian), or by confirming written booking signed by the authorized representative in the case of a legal person, and at the same time by paying the total price for the accommodation or the advance payment in compliance with the payment terms. The contractual relationship terminates 15 days after the end of the stay by expiration of the time entitled for claims.

3. Booking the accommodation

The Client may book the accommodation electronically via the website, via e-mail, in written form or via fax. In the case of an electronic booking, the Provider agrees to inform the Client within 24 hours on the acceptance of the accommodation order and to issue the necessary documents (the confirmation of the stay, the proforma invoice or postal money order). These will immediately be sent to the Client via mail (in the electronic form) except for the postal money order which will be delivered by mailing services to the address of the Client.

4. Prices

The total price for the hotel stay is based on the Client`s requirements on the stay and is based on the valid price list of the Provider`s services. The Provider reserves the right to adjust the prices if in the time period between the setting prices up to the realization of the stay any alterations to the legislation and the tax laws and other alterations as the result of the sc. “force majeure“ take place.

5. Payment terms

Together with the confirmation of the stay the Client also receives the proforma invoice or the postal money order for the advance payment for the accommodation and ordered boarding and other services, which is to be paid to the account number 1483908359/0800 by the specific due date (usually within 10 days). The booking of the accommodation is automatically cancelled if an agreed advance payment demanded is not made within the given period of time. The variable symbol is stated in the invoice or the postal money order.

6. Obligations of the Client

6.1.  to provide the Provider with all the requisites for the duly ensuring and providing services, especially to fill in the accommodation application form truthfully and completely,

6.2.  to make the payment for the stay within the specified time,

6.3.  if the Client is a corporation, to entrust the authorized representative who will communicate with the Provider and who will inform the participants of the stay with the terms and conditions and information received from the Provider.

7. Cancellation of the stay

The Client is obliged to cancel the stay or cancel the accommodation booking in the written form, to attach an appropriate part of the accommodation application and the confirmation of the payment and deliver these documents personally to the Provider or in the form of registered mail. Calculation of the cancellation fee is based on the date of cancellation of the stay at the Provider – when personally submitted – and when sent via registered mail on the date of receipt of the letter.

7.2.      When the accommodation stay is cancelled by the Client, the Provider will charge a cancellation fee (as a contractual penalty). Cancellation fees are charged for each person for whom the reservation had been made, and are expressed as percentage of the advance payment total price for the accommodation (the stay) in relation to the number of days remaining until the start of the services (the stay commencement) as stated below or by the basic cancellation fee, always at least in the amount of 1000 CZK. This does not apply to cases in which the advance payment for the accommodation (the stay) is lower. In these cases, the minimum cancellation fee is equal to the amount of the advance payment.

  • 14 days before the commencement – no fee
  • between 13 and 10 days 10%
  • between 9 and 7 days 30%
  • between 6 and 3 days 50%
  • between 2 and 0 days 100% cancellation fee

7.3. No fee is charged for changes in the person of the Client as well as for changes in the booking order by the Client (change of dates, room or suite type).

7.4. If the Client cancels their participation on the stay, ie. cancels their accommodation booking, the Provider is obliged to refund the amount of money paid less the relevant cancellation fee within 14 days from the delivery of documents referred to in article 7 paragraph 1. Advance payments are refunded by means of bank transfer to the account number given by the Client. Transaction costs related to the refund go on the expense of the Client.

8. Exclusion of the Client from the stay

A client who violates or breaches in any way the legislation of the Czech Republic, does not respect the Accommodation Rules, refuses to conduct in accordance with the requirements and guidelines of the Provider, verbally attacks representatives of the Provider, damages the facility`s property, and by his or her conduct restricts the rights of another, may be excluded from the stay without being entitled to reimbursement for unused services.

9. Changes in ordered services

9.1 In the case of exceptional circumstances and circumstances arisen as the result of the sc. “force majeure“, the Provider may cancel the stay, or upon agreement with the Client to alter the stay (date, price). If the Client`s stay has already been commenced, the Provider has the right to have the services provided paid by the Client.

9.2. If the stay is cancelled by the Provider, the Provider is obliged to immediately announce this fact to the Client, to refund the total price within 5 days, and if the Client requires, also to be preferably placed into the vacant place within other stay which the Client chooses.

9.3.  When major changes take place – a change of dates of the stay, increased prices of the stay by more than 10%, a change of the stay program, a change in accommodation to boarding of a lower cathegory – the Provider is obliged to ask for the Client`s consent and determine a reasonable date by which the Client is to react on the change announced.  In case of major changes in the program stated above, the Client has the right to rescisse from the contract concluded with the Provider without cancellation fee and without any financial claims against the Provider. If the Client does not announce the rescission from the contract within determined period of time, the Provider will deem that the Client agrees with the change.

9.4. Hotel rooms or suites equipment, sizes and location are not the same and are always agreed on individually between the Client and the Provider.

10. Complaint procedure

10.1. In case of a complaint, the Client is obliged to announce any defects and damages without unnecessary delay right to the services provider at the time of the Client`s stay, in the place of the stay so that they can be corrected on the spot. If this is not possible, the Provider will draw up the complaint in written form. The protocol is usually written in two copies (1 for the Provider and 1 for the Client) and must be signed by the Client.

10.2.  If the complaint is not announced immediately, the entitlement of the customer on refund of later damages is lowered or forfeited, which could have been prevented by a timely filed complaint. When accommodated, damages and property damages for which the Client is reponsible fully or partly are not subject of complaint.

10.3.  If the Client does not consume ordered services, he or she is not entitled to reimbursement or discount.

11. Final provisions

11.1 If some of the provisions of the T&Cs proves to be invalid, this fact will not have any influence on the validity of the T&Cs as a whole.

11.2. The contractual relationship between the Client and the Provider is governed by the relevant provisions of the law č. 513/91 Sb., the Commercial Code, as ammended and supplemented.

11.3. These terms and conditions were published and came into effect on 7th June 2007. The update was carried out on 16th August 2012.